University Of Sheffield Sale of V2 and Solly Street Car Park

On 17 March, the owners of Velocity Village sold the Solly Street Car Park and the V2 building (including the Business Centre) to the University of Sheffield.

The University is in the process of converting the upper floors of the V2 building for use by the Sheffield International College. The lower floors will be used as flexible decant space for other parts of the University.

As you may have noticed, the University is also carrying out a programme of external works, including the erection of a new staircase at the rear of the V2 building, within the main courtyard. The staircase works are due to complete ready for occupation at the beginning of the 2015/2016 academic year in September.

The Solly Street Car Park continues to be managed by QPark and tickets and permits can be purchased in the same way as previously.

You should have received a letter about the University works, but if you have any queries please contact;

Faithful & Gould
Mr Peter Kemp
07803 258 837


Jessops Construction
Mr Richard Davies
07971 501 712

The remainder of Velocity Village remains within our ownership and under the same management.